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The Cay Project

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Holocaust topic

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Mental Disabilities

Autism. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the brain.1 in 88 children have autism.Boys are more likely to have it than girls.Autism comes in different forms.There is severe autism and high functioning autism and many kinds in between.
The people who have autism were often persecuted because they were different.
One reason was because they throw temper tantrums very often.
Another reason is because they might stay like a kid forever in their mind but their body grows to be more like an adult.
So just because people have a mental disability doesn’t mean they’re all that different.Don’t judge someone because they’re not exactly like you.

Resources are : My aunt Sara Worsham, and mentalhealthamerica.com

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The Greatest Gift Given

January 8, 2014 by · No Comments · ela

The best gift I gave was to my puppy brother. I brought him into the house last night because it was very cold out.I was glad to have him in from the cold.My lil Stoopsy Poopsy
was happy to be in be in the house. Only because it meant he was warm and out of that horrid weather. I can tell he was happy to. It because he was smiling up a storm.I believe the saying “Its better to give than to receive” means you should give more then when you get some thing.It will make that person more happy than you but that will only make you happier.

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Please comment

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Please comment on my blog because every week it will change

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Book report

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Sparkling Sentence!!!!!!!!

September 10, 2013 by · No Comments · ela

My sentence is :

The  puppy was adorable with his big , sparkling  warm, brown eyes!

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my e-mail!

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Hello people! It’s me again. If you like my blog let me know please! kposey.wostudent.net.

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I Have a Dream Too

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My Christmas Traditions ! :)

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Every other  Christmas,  we go to my Nana’s house . She helps us make cookies for Santa and leave carrots for his reindeer. It is so much fun, but we have to go bed extra early because the earlier go to bed ,the quicker Santa comes! The next morning is a wonderland! Then when the presents are opened we leave after awhile.

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Aunt Montinna

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The day before Thanksgiving, I visited my great grandparents house. My Aunt Tina was there. She is an awesome woman! I just adore her. She is funy. We watched  Mirror,Mirror.And a few weeks earlier,we watched  Tangled. She is nice and loving.

                                                                 from, Kloie :)

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